Residential Projects

CAZ CONSTRUCTION CORP provides residential work of the highest standard in all of Florida. Ever since the inception of the company, they have always been focused on producing a quality mix of residential projects including renovation and d remodeling, either in modest or expansive scale. When we do residential projects, we work closely with you:

  • From start to finish
  • Works on planning and designing
  • Client communications
  • On-site organization
  • Budgeting and staffing
  • Supervising, etc.

When we work on every residential project given to us, we make sure that the client has complete understanding of what will happen and what they can expect. We make this possible by working closely with clients and maintaining communication. With our dedicated team, we can make sure that no matter how small or large your residential project is we are committed to your satisfaction. You can expect it as well that with us, sustainability and energy efficiency is at foremost.